Supermarket Poet

This poet had nothing against supermarkets
Quite the contrary in fact
Because since the World had made him born
That was the only playground his parents had given to him
Proof is that since very little
He spent all his Saturdays afternoon in bottom of the caddy
His wide open eyes and protruding eyeballs looked at
kakemonos and shelf talkers pointing out bargains not to miss quick quick

Some weeks even
He could visit several
He could then profit of this unexpected chance
To meander freely for hours
In search of best discounts

Department he liked the most was grocery
Candies, chocolate and other sweets
Which wrapping blazing of thousands colors
Promising pleasant and delicious flavors

And this order! This so careful alignment!
All these people so well-behaved and willing
To stuff the stomach of their caddy without counting
Happy of accumulating points on their fidelity card

And just when asking oneself important questions on life
On love, ideas, choices, identity
The poet wander the alley over and over again
To unearth an answer ready to consume

But he couldn’t find anything nor anybody to help well yes he did
Many products to buy to avoid monotony
To help him to forget the lack of meaning and ennui
The insidious stinging of his eyes
He couldn’t shut at night

But a day he was tired pondering
This sneaky and unbearable duality
Between the irresistible urge to consume
And the unacceptable intuition of a future already written
He decided to become poet of supermarkets

Shops managers were his friends
They saw him hang out here since so little!
They entrust him with an ends-aisle display
To offer his verses and parables

He installed his typewriter on a little desk
In front of a sign with a barcode displaying this
“Professional poet. Leave me with your ideas, I’ll change them into beautiful ripostes.
Credit card accepted: don’t panic!”

At first people laughed in his face
But it was not enough to discourage him
Bit by bit they were surprised someone could enhance
Their own ideas with such spontaneity
They could finally be proud of them and could you believe, assume them!

Lovers came looking for a touching declaration
Horny devil could even get a promotion
Depressed, in a quest for harrowing stanzas, would get a last tear;
Thugs found panache they could use for their next duel

Teenagers abandoned video games department
Stood in the line to express their malaise
At last, parents would understand them and could start over
Elders came to refresh their memories
Only few left without a smile

The poet’s success soon exceeded groceries department
And big industry got interested in this business
Everywhere appeared rows of poetry
Where one could find rare but cheap merchandise
Capable to breathe life

Oh of course this poetry was not as refined
As poem by Verlaine, Rimbaud or Mallarmé
But facing mandarins critics the poet kept quiet
In his eyes shone a malicious pride he deserved
For having given some humanity back to society

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