scramble between big actors of the Swiss advertising system

Big actors of the Swiss advertising system fight against each others. But respect of private data of people is not something taken in consideration. What is at stake, for them, is the liberty to commercialize those private data as they wish and maintain dishonest practices like automatic exchange of customers data, creation of customers files (databases) without obtaining their prior agreement, like maintaining an opt-out system, which means jailing people in a opt-in only system.

Some times ago, three heavy weight of Swiss adversiting industry, SSR, Swisscom and Ringier, created an advertising agency called Admeira. Federal Concillor Doris Leuthard, Head of the Environnement and Transports Federal Departement, had given her approbation for a merger of the three actors. But competitors like Médias suisse, are trying to oppose it because they fear the targeted advertising SSR will be able to provide thanks to the private data of Swisscom clients. Competitors are outraged because they believe this association is an obstacle to their commercial activity. It is “trust” issue. On the other hand, the instrumentation of private data of Swisscom clients do not offense them. Médias suisses has invoked Federal Act on Radio and Television, which stipulates SSR must declare to Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) any activity not intended by laws. In case of such an activity would hinder commercial activity of other companies of the same industry, prosecutor can press charges or forbid the activity.

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