Incomplete measures to garantee road safety

On 12th of October, Geneva police has given a 1200.- fine to a pedestrian who walked across the road outside of walkway. This month, a man got a fine for 2 grams of cannabis and police denounced him to the Administration in charge of license (Service des automobiles et de la navigation) on the base of article 37 of law for road safety. On 6th of November, the newspaper Le Matin indicated that police had the license of a drunk pedestrian taken as a preventive measure. What a bunch of measures to guarantee road safety.

A question remains though, a simple question, une question simple, insolent but, revealing. What do police, political parties, Via Sicura, Pro-velo suisse, BPA, le service des automobiles du Canton de Vaud, l’ASA, Fonds de sécurité routière, Conseil suisse de la sécurité routière Fundation for road safety to order to prevent advertising installations put  other users of the road in danger?