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Supermarket Poet

This poet had nothing against supermarkets Quite the contrary in fact Because since the World had made him born That was the only playground his parents had given to him Proof is that since very little He spent all his Saturdays afternoon in bottom of the caddy His wide open eyes and protruding eyeballs looked at kakemonos and shelf talkers… Read more →

Rise of Ad blockers blockers

Last year, Yahoo has started to refuse access to their emailing service to the Internet users using softwares blocking ads. Recently, a certain number of Swiss websites don’t allow you to view their content for the same reasons. Besides, this blockade is possible by using non-free Javascript, which rises the problem of surveillance. An good illustration is the website of… Read more →

scramble between big actors of the Swiss advertising system

Big actors of the Swiss advertising system fight against each others. But respect of private data of people is not something taken in consideration. What is at stake, for them, is the liberty to commercialize those private data as they wish and maintain dishonest practices like automatic exchange of customers data, creation of customers files (databases) without obtaining their prior… Read more →

SGA buys Swiss’ Tinder

Studies showed average user consult his phone almost one hundred times a day. This is an fantastic potential for SGA who wish to make profits of the increase of use of “smartphones”. With this change of habits, advertisers consider phones and tablets have already integrated familly of Media Out of Home (MOH), which billboards and outdoor screens already belong. SGA… Read more →

Swisscom and the illusion of self-regulation

The installation by Swisscom, at the end of November, of a system that allow to block for free unsolicited phone calls may seem, at first sight, as a victory for their clients who are fed up of answering advertising calls, although they put the asterisk near their number in white pages. In fact, their new offer hide their intention to… Read more →

Each person swallows 5000 ads per day

5000 ads per day. This is the advertising diet advertisers managed to impose to us. Some don’t even hesitate to use neurosciences to attract consumer’s attention. For instance, they try to identify sound or light signals that could better seduce owners of mobiles. That’s because competition between advertisers is harsh. A consumer look at his phone in average 150 per… Read more →