Author: Aza Storgaïev

Philanthropy, the other face of Rolex

On the 2d of December, Le Temps published an article titled “Philantropy, the other face of Rolex”. Let’s find a title for this article too, let’s pastiche : “Rolex, this other face of Switzerland” and let’s illustrate with a photograph taken from Edipress fonds in Archives of Canton of Vaud. What does the photograph show? That Rolex has imposed its… Read more →

14th dec. 7 pm –> stamm at Pôle Sud

Date : 14th of december 2015 between 7 pm and… we will see. Description : Stamm of Libad is a monthly activity, free and open to anybody adcides, adcurious, adphobics, adsceptics, adlogists and even adphiles. Its an opportunity to discuss (in French) about the advertising system around a drink, some humus, some bread… Venture : Pôle Sud, avenue Jean-Jacques Mercier… Read more →

No Buying Day action on 26th of November

Like in 2015, the Libad will celebrate the Buy Nothing Day on 26th of November through an action against negative consequences of advertising. The action take the form of a symbolic clubbing of advertising installations, like 14th of October. We invite every persons who identify with the fight against advertising system to join us at 1 pm on staircases of… Read more →