Author: Aza Storgaïev

Each person swallows 5000 ads per day

5000 ads per day. This is the advertising diet advertisers managed to impose to us. Some don’t even hesitate to use neurosciences to attract consumer’s attention. For instance, they try to identify sound or light signals that could better seduce owners of mobiles. That’s because competition between advertisers is harsh. A consumer look at his phone in average 150 per… Read more →

Coop Brico+Loisirs ordered to back off after having invaded the old city of Fribourg

(Source : FLIP) On the 14 of September, Brico+loisirs, an entity of Coop has secretly planted signs in public parks and flowerboxes of the City of Fribourg. Stickers also have been pasted up on stairs of the old city. The Group called Liberation Front against ads invasion (FLIP) asked for explanations to the orange giant and Municipality. The latter declared… Read more →

Self promoting advertising campaign of Swiss Comity for “Loyalty”

On the occasion of its jubilé, the “self control” organization of advertising industry in Switzerland, Swiss Comity for Loyalty (CSL), has launched a campaign of self promotion. The hagiongraphic message of the campaign is carried by backlit billboards requiring a lot of electricity. On its website, the head organization of advertising and communication industries in Switzerland, Swiss Communication, qualifies this… Read more →

Black Friday

A fashion imported from North America appeared in a massive way this year: Black Friday. In Canada and United States the day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday of November, shops propose sales. Those sales come with their advertising apparatus and launch the frenesy of shopping of the end of the year. Several years ago, this fashion reached France… Read more →

European Union launch an alert against Facebook-Whatsapp alliance

According to an article published today in Le Temps, the organization of European Union charged of personal datas has launched a new alert concerning Facebook. They suspect the platform to plan selling personal datas of users of Whatsapp to its advertisers. The company, which Facebook bought in 2014, has more than one bilion of users, kept promissing it would never… Read more →